Perfect Barnyard Melt

Love a good Burger? Who doesn’t? I think even Vegans secretly crave a good patty of charred beef.

A diner staple is the Patty Melt, at it’s core its a burger on toast. But it’s more than that its also a burger cooked on a grill.

I was at a diner once and they had on their menu a “barnyard burger”. It was grilled chicken, quarter pound of Beef and Bbq Pork. Being the daring young man I am I decided to try it out.

I know here in the southwest we pride ourselves on eating a lot of meat. But for me…. It was just too much.

I decided to make the Perfect Barnyard Melt:


You need some fresh beef. And also because it’s going on toast I suggest making square patties out of a quarter of a pound.


I use two slices crispy.

Fried Egg:

I like to keep mine on the over medium end so the yolk is still a bit runny.

Colby Jack Cheese:

I go back and forth on what cheese is better, pepper jack or Colby jack. Colby Jack won out this time!

Texas Toast:

You’ll want to lightly toast these on the griddle with some butter. You could use a toaster but it might be a bit bland.

And there you have it! The Perfect Barnyard Melt! Happy Dining!