Full Southwest Breakfast

Have you ever had a full Irish or a full English Breakfast? They’re super tasty. Here in Oklahoma though we’re not into Black and White pudding. For those unfamiliar with this odd type of sausage google it at your own risk.

It got me thinking, what would a Full Southwest Breakfast include? Well I know we’d bring up the heat, as we love our south of the border flavors.

Here are the essentials to get a real Southwest Breakfast.

Hot Links:

My favorite big box store hot link is by J.C. Potter (not a sponsor). Its got a good mild spice. Its good for those who want a little kick but can’t handle the heat.

If you really want to make it special find a BBQ place that sells good jalapeno sausages.


No breakfast is complete without Bacon. Full disclosure, I love Bacon, but it rarely is the center piece of my breakfasts.

For a Southwest taste use some Hickory or Brown Sugar Bacon.

Sausage patties:

Again I tend to go with J.C. Potter’s Sausage. Feel free to use any sort of brand or even get some fresh stuff from the meat counter.


This spiced sausage does a lot of heavy lifting. It adds a different type of flavor to your breakfast.

You have to get this from a meat market, don’t waste your time or money on the big box store stuff.

Fried Eggs:

I like to keep the yolks a bit runny so it kind of spills into the other foods on the plate.

Big Texas Toast:

Texas toast should be thickly sliced!!!!

Don’t break out the toaster just put some butter in a pan, melt it over a medium heat and toast the bread until it’s golden brown.

Tomato Slices:

Thickly slice some Tomatos throw them on the griddle for a couple of minutes.

Ranch Style Beans:

Heat them up and they’re ready to go, or add some Jalapeno (or buy a can with Jalapeno already added.)

Sprinkle with cheese:

Cause why not. Happy Dining!