Perfect Barnyard Melt

Love a good Burger? Who doesn’t? I think even Vegans secretly crave a good patty of charred beef.

A diner staple is the Patty Melt, at it’s core its a burger on toast. But it’s more than that its also a burger cooked on a grill.

I was at a diner once and they had on their menu a “barnyard burger”. It was grilled chicken, quarter pound of Beef and Bbq Pork. Being the daring young man I am I decided to try it out.

I know here in the southwest we pride ourselves on eating a lot of meat. But for me…. It was just too much.

I decided to make the Perfect Barnyard Melt:


You need some fresh beef. And also because it’s going on toast I suggest making square patties out of a quarter of a pound.


I use two slices crispy.

Fried Egg:

I like to keep mine on the over medium end so the yolk is still a bit runny.

Colby Jack Cheese:

I go back and forth on what cheese is better, pepper jack or Colby jack. Colby Jack won out this time!

Texas Toast:

You’ll want to lightly toast these on the griddle with some butter. You could use a toaster but it might be a bit bland.

And there you have it! The Perfect Barnyard Melt! Happy Dining!

Full Southwest Breakfast

Have you ever had a full Irish or a full English Breakfast? They’re super tasty. Here in Oklahoma though we’re not into Black and White pudding. For those unfamiliar with this odd type of sausage google it at your own risk.

It got me thinking, what would a Full Southwest Breakfast include? Well I know we’d bring up the heat, as we love our south of the border flavors.

Here are the essentials to get a real Southwest Breakfast.

Hot Links:

My favorite big box store hot link is by J.C. Potter (not a sponsor). Its got a good mild spice. Its good for those who want a little kick but can’t handle the heat.

If you really want to make it special find a BBQ place that sells good jalapeno sausages.


No breakfast is complete without Bacon. Full disclosure, I love Bacon, but it rarely is the center piece of my breakfasts.

For a Southwest taste use some Hickory or Brown Sugar Bacon.

Sausage patties:

Again I tend to go with J.C. Potter’s Sausage. Feel free to use any sort of brand or even get some fresh stuff from the meat counter.


This spiced sausage does a lot of heavy lifting. It adds a different type of flavor to your breakfast.

You have to get this from a meat market, don’t waste your time or money on the big box store stuff.

Fried Eggs:

I like to keep the yolks a bit runny so it kind of spills into the other foods on the plate.

Big Texas Toast:

Texas toast should be thickly sliced!!!!

Don’t break out the toaster just put some butter in a pan, melt it over a medium heat and toast the bread until it’s golden brown.

Tomato Slices:

Thickly slice some Tomatos throw them on the griddle for a couple of minutes.

Ranch Style Beans:

Heat them up and they’re ready to go, or add some Jalapeno (or buy a can with Jalapeno already added.)

Sprinkle with cheese:

Cause why not. Happy Dining!

Indian Breakfast Taco

Do you love Indian Tacos? So do I. Here in the South we believe everything should be fried, including our bread.

Fry bread:

2 cups all purpose flour

1 Teaspoon baking powder

1/2 teaspoon of Salt

1 cup of warm water

Oil for frying


Fried Egg

Breakfast Sausage


Heat Oil on medium heat.

Mix fry bread in a mixing bowl and divide into 4-5 inch cakes. If you have some dough left use it to test the oil.

When the oil is hot enough, fry the bread about 2 minutes on each side. Or until brown on each side.

Cook sausage and fry the eggs (I prefer over medium when the yolk is still a bit runny).

Top with cheese, salsa, or jalapeno. Happy Dining.

Chorizo Scotch Eggs with Avacado Honey Mustard

Chorizo. It’s a magical wonderful meat, but don’t ask what’s in it.

I like good old fashioned pub food, especially when it’s deep fried. So today we’re going to do a southwestern take on a British classic the Scotch egg. Only we’re going to spice it up with some chorizo. And we’re going to make

For the eggs:

5 hard boiled eggs (Some people like soft boiled eggs… But they’re wrong)

Half a pound of Chorizo (from a meat market, do not use the tube stuff its a waste of money.

Half a pound of mild flavor sausage.

1 and a half cups of flour

1 and a half cups of bread crumbs

1 large egg (for wash)

4 cups of oil (for frying)

For the Avacado Honey Mustard:

1 Avacado

4 tablespoons of Honey Mustard


Hard boil your eggs and peel. Here’s a trick, after you’re done boiling fill your pot up with cold water, when all the hot water is gone crack each egg and put them back into the water for a few seconds. It makes it much easier to peel them.

Mix Sausage and Chorizo together to for one super sausage.

Make a small pancake from the sausage roughly the size of your egg (maybe a little bigger). Cradle the sausage cake in one hand. Dip one peeled boiled egg in flour and place it in middle of the sausage cake.

Slowly start to close the sausage around the egg. Using a cupping motion with your hand to press the sausage over the egg. If your fingers are too sticky put some cool water on your fingers.

Ok now you have a wrapped egg.

Get your flour, egg and bread crumbs in separate bowls. We’re going to use the dry hand wet hand method so your right hand will get wet your right hand will stay dry.

First Dip the suasage egg in the flour with your left hand.

Then with the right hand dip it in the egg and roll it around.

Then gently drop the egg in the bread crumbs and cover completely.

Do this with all of your eggs.

Now we’re going to deep fry them. Keep the heat on the low/medium setting. Remember the sausage is uncooked so we want to make sure and cook it long enough that it’s cooked through.

Gently lower the egg into the vegetable oil and cook for 5 minutes. Once it is golden brown and thoroughly cooked take it out of the oil and let rest for 5 minutes.

While it’s resting make your Avacado Honey Mustard by mixing the Avacado and Honey mustard together until desired consistency. I like mine a little more chunky.

You are all finished! Enjoy with a warm or cold beverage! Happy Dining.

Hawaiian Breakfast

Here’s a fun recipe. I love trying new things. One day I was messing around with Pineapple Pico, something i’ve only had with Chicken or seafood.

But then it hit me! What if I used it with pork? I mean pineapple and pork have a long history! These two unlikely lovers have been paired for hundreds of years.

I love diner food and a staple at any diner is fried ham. Something about that nicely browned ham served with a side of scrambled eggs makes my southwestern heart swell!

So I decided to follow the Hawaiian combo and make this deliscious dish!

Here’s what you’ll need:

1. Ham Steak (something like 6-8 ounces).

2. 2 -3 eggs for scramblin’ (or try them over medium)

3. Pineapple Pico:

1 Medium Jalapeno

Half of a cup of chopped pineapple (canned is fine fresh is better)

Fourth of a cup of onion

One Roma Tomato

1 tablespoon of cilantro ( if you don’t like cilantro you can leave it out)


1. Fry the Ham on medium in a small frying pan until it browns to your desire.

2. Scramble the eggs over a medium heat stirring until they no longer are wet. While they are cooking devote all of your attention to stirring them don’t look away because they will burn.

Chop tomatoes, onions, jalapeno, pineapples and fresh cilantro and mix in a bowl.

You are ready to eat!

This diner dish is perfectly paired with a dark cup of Coffee or if you want to change it up maybe a nice glass of Orange juice. Happy dining!